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Nok oil seal Location : Auto parts

Oil seals are used for automobile engines and geared motors, and are designed mainly to prevent oil leakage from the end of a rotating shaft, or dust intrusion from the outside air.
Oil seals serve to prevent the leakage not only of lubricants, but also water, chemicals, and gas from "gaps" in machinery. Oil seals also serve to prevent the intrusion of dust, soil and sand from the outside air.
Oil seals are indispensable sealing devices and are used in various fields, including automobiles, aircraft, boats and ships, railroad vehicles, construction machinery, farm machinery, petrochemical plants, and electrical home appliances.
Japanese history of oil seals is, in effect, NOK history of oil seals. NOK has always produced stable, high-quality products based on its unique principle of sealing.

Japan NOK Co., is founded in 1939, which is the first company producing oil-seal products .To Japan NOK symbolizes the history of oil-seal. In1959 NOK first published" the Friction of Oil-Seal and the Lubricating Theory of Seal".Basing on this they set up own technology. Since in 60s"a ferrous rubber"-a paten technology-a Synthetic material with polyurethane, which broke out a revolution in seal material field worldwide, fast pushing NOK forward. Developing various products , reforming new technology and using advanced management all these ensure excellent properties and stable quality. Japan NOK Co. is the biggest one in all these oil-seal product companies .As a joint-stock company, which took the lead in adopting ISO9001 Standard in quality .It has 4,460 employees, the sale volume in 1999 is 250 billion yuan (RMB), covered over 80 % share in Japan, 50% in Europe and U.S.. Now 130,000 various products are widely used in every field from space shuttle to Japan express train. esp. auto ,engineering machines ,space flight ,plastic machines, metallurgy ,pressure machines ,mine machines etc. Their products play an important role over half a century, supplying to these world famous companies, which produce machines and equipment: XIAOSONG PRODUCT FACTORY OF JAPAN,TIANTEN PRODUCT FACTORY , TOYATO ,HONDA, MITSHUBISHI, GM, CHRYSLER and etc. A common opinion thinks that the level oil-seal product shows industry level of this country. Therefore the excellent quality of NOK products promotes the industry development for Japan even whole world. 

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